Broadcasting Channel- "Mukbang"

The newly coined term, 'Muk­Bang', is a combination of the Korean verb 'muk­da', (meaning 'to eat'), and 'bang­song' (meaning 'on air').


In the past year, there has been an increase of virtual broadcasting channels in Korea where viewers can watch another person eat on a live stream. Live broadcasts last from one to six hours. Each broadcast features someone enjoying a massive amount of food in front of the camera (enough to feed 8­10 people). During the "meal", he/she describes each food in detail, from taste, to texture and smell. 'Muk­Bang' is a form of entertainment for many, digital companionship for some, and also a subcultural sexual fetish for others. 

For Broadcasting Channel- Mukbang I set up my own 'Muk­Bang' and provided a live online stream to the gallery. Visitors were invited to interact with my character via Skype. My character wore a traditional Korean gown, and had her hair braided into a 5­ foot long Daeng'gi braid. Throughout the broadcast, visitors watched me eat in the style of 'Muk­Bang'. Visitors were welcome to chat, eat, ask questions, and etc. during the 'Muk­Bang' stream. Each performance, or "Broadcast", lasted 1-­2 hours. 

The following images are stills from the Skype Mukbang Broadcast.


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.18.37 PM.png