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Sooki Choi Forever

Sooki Choi Forever is a character that markets herself on Instagram as a nail enthusiast and who aspires to be a trendsetter. Her page is a virtual space that supports women nail artists while catering to today’s social media norm. Her posts are inspired by popular influencers, fashion, art, and contemporary culture. Her page is a show containing images of herself “living her best life”, but in reality, she statically lives in my studio. She is neither human nor creature, but her own kind--Sooki Choi.

Sooki Choi Forever has evolved from watching my mother (Insook Choi) work in a nail salon for many years. Before the social media boom, nail artists were unknown and given no credit for their work. But today, these women have a platform to market themselves and choose their target audience, unlike my mother, did. Social media has helped create nail trends and initiated nail fantasy or a way to express oneself. People can follow her @sookichoiforever on Instagram.